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Ethiopia appoints Consul Generals

December 6, 2017   //     //   News1221 Views

Addis Ababa, December 5, 2017 (FBC) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA) has appointed Consul Generals and Director-Generals.

Accordingly, the following were appointed as Consul Generals to serve the country in four different countries, all with the rank of ministers.

1. Ambassador Wahde Belay – Consul General in Beirut

2. Demeke Atnafu – Consul General in India

3. Teferi Meles- Consul General in Guangzhou, China and

4. Eyerusalem Amdemariam – Consul General in Dubai, UAE

Similarly, the following were appointed as Director-Generals to serve at the MoFA.

1. Ambassador Mohamud Dirir- Director-General of Neighboring Countries and IGAD Affairs

2. Ambassador Nega Tsehaye – Director-General of Public Diplomacy and Communications

3. Ambassador Abadi Zemo – Neighboring Countries and IGAD Affairs Adviser to the Minister

4. Dr. Ambassador Mohammed Hassen- Chief Adviser of Policy and Research Analysis Department

5. Ambassador Birtukan Ayano – Director-General of American Affairs

6. Melaku Legesse- Director-General of Planning and Budget Affairs

7. Azanaw Tadesse – Director-General of International Organizations

8. Berhane Fiseha – Director-General of Sana’a Forum and Eritrean Affairs Coordination Office

9. Ephrem Bizuayehu- Directorate-General of International Legal Affairs

10. Shibru Mamo- Director-General of Finance and Procurement Management

11. Zelalem Berhanu- Director-General of Business Diplomacy

12. Ayele Lire – Director-General of African Affairs

13. Berihun Degu- Director-General of Inspector’s General Office

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