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Appointment of Francisco Madeira as the New Special Representative of The African Union for Somalia and Head of the AU Mission in Somalia

October 8, 2015   //   0 Comments

PRESS RELEASE (For immediate release) Appointment of Francisco Madeira as the New Special Representative of The African Union for Somalia and Head of the AU

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Reality vs. Somali president’s report to the UN!

kolley October 4, 2015   //   0 Comments

September 12, 2015     Vitaly Churkin UNSC President Your Excellency, in due course, perhaps Sep 28, 2015, suppose there is no change of plan.

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The four –point-five political formulas: A diabolical injustice for Somalia

ali sheikh September 30, 2015   //   0 Comments

In spite of the existence of minority groups, Somali society is moderately homogenous linguistically (Somali) and religiously (Islam). In Somalia society, the concept of lineage

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Somaliland’s Horn Stars band arrested over Somali flag-BBC

September 29, 2015   //   0 Comments

28 September 2015 From the sectionAfrica Image copyrightAFP Image captionEach of the five points of the Somali flag represent a region where ethnic Somalis live

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Somalia likely to have large oil deposits – report

oil September 28, 2015   //   0 Comments

Oil giant British Petroleum has signed concessions with the Mogadishu authorities to explore oil and gas in Somalia. An intelligence brief released on Monday indicated

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DHAANTO: with its intricate foot step is a unique artistic substance known to Somali Regional of Ethiopia

ali sheikh September 27, 2015   //   0 Comments

Some anthropologists, the likes of Alexander Alland (1977) holds that the influence of learned thoughts and behaviors are part of the structural component in which

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It is proving impossible to hold a fully democratic election in Somalia

xx September 23, 2015   //   0 Comments

HOW do you hold an election without registering voters? That is the question confronting Somali politicians—as well as hordes of diplomats, NGOs and other international

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Ben Carson Reminds Us That America Loves to Hate Muslims

vic September 23, 2015   //   0 Comments

We tell ourselves that America is a deeply moral nation, a nation on a hill. But in reality, we’re global hypocrites who fail to live

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Somalia: Speaker Jawari under Pressure for Stalled Impeachment Motion

xx September 23, 2015   //   0 Comments

by Mohamud M Uluso Friday, September 4, 2015 Political crisis are part of democratic system of governance but it can be avoided or properly managed

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Press release: Communique of Consultative Process Conference

September 22, 2015   //   0 Comments

Mogadishu, September 21th, 2015 —–A three day Consultative Process Conference that began on the 19th of September concluded today in Mogadishu. The Conference convened the

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